Running for a cause



Hi Friends,

Would request you to take a few minutes of your valuable to time to read this post. You can make a difference to someone’s life in a big way.

 Some of you might have seen a regular post from me through in FB. You might have thought that I was playing some online game, well, that was not the case. I have been practicing for running a half-marathon this February.

 10th Feb-13 Auroville Marathon  – Half Marathon 21.1 Kms (Run for the joy of running – Auroville universal city is 8kms before Pondicherry)

 Millions of people run marathon across the world whats the big deal, well for an ordinary person like me it means a lot. It has tested my discipline, dedication and of course my physical limits. It has also given me another opportunity to understand how much my wife, my mother and even my kids support me.  Nevert to forget the constant words of encouragements/warnings from my well wishers which kept me going. While i have not done much on the timing clocked but i did manage to cover 85% of the distance in a session. So I am hoping to finish the race within 3 Hrs.

 While a lot of research has happened/is happening to understand why people run marathon but there are always good cause associated with these run. Another big reason which pushed me into running is the cause. I am raising fund for the education of a girl child. Murali, a friend of mine and my colleagues died a few months back while doing community service at an ancient shiva temple near Chennai. He had a brain haemorrhage and died after fighting for a couple of days in a private hospital. Most of my colleagues contributed to clear the hospital bills and to do his final rites. While Murali’s wife got an odd job for survival, his daughter a bright student in the tenth standard needs financial support to continue her school/college education.

 I was shaken by the confidence of this kid when I spoke to her in the hospital. I struggled to find words to console her, finally I told her that she should support her mother morally and at no point of time should quit studies. She responded to me by saying,  “Birth and Death are inevitable in life but the timing of my father’s demise is questionable and i will never quit studies”. That time I saw a fire in her eyes and also felt that she will make it big in life. I decided the moment to support her in her education in whatever way I could.

 I have personally gone through the pain of losing my father at a young age and studying under demanding economical conditions. My Secondary school till Undergraduation was funded by my relatives, friends and charity organisation. Whatever I am today, I owe it to all them out there who supported me during my troubled days. So my request to the kind hearted people out there, contribute whatever you can however little it may be for the education of this girl child. If you are interested, please message me, I will share you the details for transferring the funds.

 Yes, You can make a big difference to someone’s life….make someone realise their dream.

 Thanks in advance.

One Response to “Running for a cause”
  1. Raja says:

    Best wishes Mohan. A very noble cause.

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