Sadasiva Kona – God’s own Hill

About Sadasiva Kona (as found in the web) –The Sadasiva Kona is famous for its waterfalls and it is a religious location as well as a nature spot situated remotely on the Puttur-Tirupati route and just 10 km from Majjiga Gunta. The place is densely populated with thick trees and vegetation with snobbish hillocks and mountain heads covering around giving a panoramic view of waterfall. The temple of Lord Sadasiva (an incarnation of Lord Shiva) along with his wife Goddess Kamakshi is situated near the waterfalls and the major festivals celebrated here are Maha Shivaratri, Vaikunta Ekadasi and all Mondays during the Karthika Masam. During these days devotees in a large number visit the temple from several parts of the state and Tamil Nadu state as well. The king of Karvetinagaram who patronized and worshipped Lord Sadasiva and Goddess Kamakshi constructed the temple.

The perennial waterfall is scanty during summer but overflows in monsoons and all other seasons, traveling eastwards, catering the irrigation needs of the nearby villages. The surroundings are covered up with big trees and bushes making the place peaceful and calm with its greenery. Apart from the picturesque locations, the place is also famous for its medicinal herbs and plants. It is believed that the water has tremendous healing powers and a bath in it shall free us from all our sins. On the other hand, Ammavari Kona and Ayyavari Kona waterfalls also are located near this place and water from all these valleys flow along and consolidate at a point as a Pushkarini (a sacred pond) which is also believed to have miraculous powers that can cure the devotees from all their sins and diseases. 

The main source of income of the temple is the offerings made by the devotees. The temple remained unnoticed and unexplored and it needs several infrastructure developments so as to provide proper facilities to the devotees.

As the place is remotely located, it is somewhat difficult to reach the place. Hiring a car is the ideal option or you can go by bus up to Nagileru from where you need to walk for about 4 km to reach the place. Alternatively, there are several other routes through Yerpadu, Papanaidupeta and Vadamalapeta but they are quite tiresome. The nearest railway station is at Puttur lying at 16km northeast on the Madras railway.

Our trip to Sadasiva Kona – It was planned on a full moon day 20th Nov-10, the team included Raman swamigal, Arun, Jagan, Suresh and myself. We started around 3.30pm on a Saturday and it was pouring cats and dogs in Chennai. There was a slight doubt on our mind as to how we are going trek during heavy rains.  We were pleasantly surprised when we we saw no rains beyond Thiruninravur. Barring a single stretch where water was flowing over a small bridge because of excess water getting released from Puzhal Lake, it was a peaceful drive. We reached Puttur around 7.30 pm and took a right turn towards the Sadasiva Kona hills.

We reached the house of Mr. Bagal around 8 pm who stays very close to the foothills. Bagal generally accompanies swamigal to the hill. This time he could not join us since he has just arrived from Sabarimala. But  he arranged to send his son & two of his son’s friends to accompany us for the trek. We stopped at the Siva temple at the foothills to have bath. Since all of us were wearing Ayyappa Maalai, we completed our daily puja their and finished our dinner.


Sadasiva Kona

Arun & Jagan with Bagal

Bagal's son in the middle with his two friends

Arun washing his feet in a small mountain stream

Shiva temple in the foothill of sadasiva kona


Suresh & Jagan with Padmaraja in his hand during a break
Arun ‘Naga’ Baba

We started our climb at exactly 10.30pm and all of us were walking bare foot. It was a very pleasant to climb by the side of a small stream for at least a 1 km. Even though it was a full moon day, the route was very dark because of heavy under growth of trees. We were climbing with torchlight and visibility was less than 1-meter.  We told Bagal’s son and his friends to go and sleep at the top since we could not keep up with their pace as they were literally running with our luggages. But for the occasional noises made by the birds and wild animals, it was as if the entire hill was only to us with no one climbing during that time. It was one of the best experiences of my life!

We reached a resting spot in the hilltop around 2 am. But for asbestos roofing and a few Cuddapah tiles nothing was available at that place. It was very cold and the sand was wet with the recent rains. Since all of us were tired, we decided to take rest there for sometime.  All our shawls and bed sheets has gone in the luggage bag. With lot of difficulties we managed to sleep for an hour or so and started again around 3 am and reached the sadasiva temple at 3.30 am. There were already close to 15 – 20 people sleeping in the temple praharam and we managed to squeeze in there and slept till 5.30 am to be woken up by a family who were doing a homam there.


There is a waterfalls right next to the sadasiva temple. It was a divine experience to sleep amidst a roaring noise of the waterfalls. The sight was even more enthralling in the early morning and it definitely makes you feel that you are not in this world. It was freezing cold and we decided to take bath in the waterfalls before worshipping lord sadasiva around 6 in the morning. You will not feel the cold till the time you are in the waterfall. The water was overflowing with lot of force and it was heavenly refreshing. I was just wondering what if we could get some hot tea, to my surprise when I came out of the falls, there was a devotee standing giving hot tea to all devotees coming out of the falls.             There was one more surprise awaiting us after this, a family was waiting with all abhiseham items and requesting Swamiji to do abhiseham to Lord Sadasiva. We did a fantastic abhiseham chanting Rudram and Sivapuranam. It was a fulfilling experience.

Falls near Lord Sadasiva Temple

Homam underway…
Suresh & Arun share a lighter moment after the puja
Steps to Lord Sadasiva temple
Lord Sadasiva

The family for whom Swamiji did the Abhiseham for Lord sadasiva

 Next we moved to the Kamakshi temple amidst a breath-taking waterfall. I am in short of words to describe the backdrop of this temple. We took bath again in this falls and had a wonderful darshan of Goddess Kamakshi before starting our descent around 12 pm. By this time most of us were finding it very difficult to walk with bare-foot. Because of the recent rains and with constant touch in water, our foot has become very soft and the small stones were piercing like thorns. It was probably one of the most difficult descents I have ever had. It took us almost 3 hours to reach the foot- hill. I still wonder how did I manage to climb this hill in pitch darkness and why did I struggle so badly during the descent.

Way to Lordess Kamatchi Temple

One could find quite a few natural caves

Hanuman Statue - a historical place where Lord Rama supposedly did a yagna`

View of Sadasiva Kona hills

Enroute Kamakshi Temple

A small falls enroute Kamatshi temple

Beautiful waterfalls near Kamakshi temple

Lordess Kamakshi

View of the waterfalls from the kamatshi temple

Shiva Lingam with Nandi near the Kamatshi temple

Lord vinayaga temple near siva temple

The place where we slept in the night

our way back...

Stones neatly arranged...but it doesn't matter when you are walking barefoot

It is but natural for one to wonder how we managed this route in the night..

Maha Periyava stayed near this Place

A small stream by the side

Quite testing on a barefoot

Descent was quite a stretch on everyone...` Back to plains...


There is always a reason why we go through troubled times in our life, it is just that God is preparing us for something in future and my question was answered within a month, a 55km bare foot trek/walk to Sabarimala (Periyapathai) could not have been more pleasant without our bare foot climb to Sadasiva. Probably I have taken a very long time to complete this blog because of my preoccupation on the professional front, my apologies for the same. I did manage to visit Sadasiva Kona, the second time during May-11, few days after Amavasya. The experience was even more pleasant. The waterfalls were flowing with reasonably good amount of water even during summer. We saw quite a few snakes both during climb and descent. Bramha Muhurtha (around 3 am) Puja to Lord Sadasiva after bathing in the falls near the temple and a divinely one-hour dhyanam after that were the highlights of the trip.   I am just going to post the photos of the second trip shortly.

I was told that the number of people visiting this place is increasing day by day but little or no efforts are taken to preserve this hill. It is disturbing to find the amount of plastic waste and alcohol bottles that are choking the stream. Also I was told that people use this hill as a picnic spot for drinking and later bathing in the waterfalls for fun. While it is nothing wrong to make this place a picnic spot but respect our cultural monuments and protect them too by not polluting the place.  Kanchi Maha Periyava has stayed in this hill for almost a year. Personalities like MS, Seshan, and R V Venkatraman have brought food to Maha periyava during his stay. I was told Maha Periyava has himself done abhiseham to Lord Sadasiva and Goddess Kamakshi here. You can also find a special mention about this hill by Maha Periyava in ‘Deivathin Kural’

Let us do whatever little possible to preseve this God’s Own Hill – Sadasiva Kona.   

Om Namasivaya!

14 Responses to “Sadasiva Kona – God’s own Hill”
  1. suresh Kannan says:

    Nice to see your blog! I am admired with your blog once again with a new destination.

    We had been to Parvatha malai and then visited Sathuragiri Hills. Now we are about to start to Velliangiri hills.

    Actually, i was thinking about our next pilgrim destination and i was surprised to see your blog about sadashiva cona which was an eye-opener.

    Can you please let know whether the route to Sadhasiva Kona is one and the same as the route to koney falls or it is a different route.


    Suresh Kannan
    #98418 44912

    • aryam0403 says:

      Dear Suresh Kannan, Thanks for your kind words of encouragement. If you are travelling from Chennai, take the tirupathi route. 2 – 3 kms before puttur ( a village called Nageri), you will find the sadasiva Kona hoarding with Maha Periyava Photo on your right side. Its a very old board with paitings very dull and chances of missing it very high so drive slowly. Take that right and follow the road you will reach the foothill of Sadasiva kona approx 4 kms. regards

    • Gopinath P says:

      On Chennai – Tirupathi road, cross Puttur, after 5km you will Taduku village on the Highway. slowdown go slowly about .75 kms u will this hoarding Sada Shiva Kona to ur right side. this spot is called Majjiga Gunta. take right turn from there to reach hills bottom.

  2. JAYASHANKAR says:


  3. Jaganmohan says:


    When is our next trip,longing for long time,Regards,Jaganmohan

  4. suresh Kannan says:

    Good Evening Team Aryam !

    It had been long time since i contacted you people….
    We a team of 14 planning to sadhasiva Kona tommorow morning (26.01.2012.. i would like to have your guidance please….If any one who could help me out with your mobile no. it would be of great help…….


    Suresh Kannan
    98418 44912

  5. Babu M says:

    Very nice Your Blog as a real tour.

  6. suresh Kannan says:

    Greetings for the day!

    Mr. Mohan,

    With reference to the conversation i had with you on 25.01.2012 and details furnished by your team in the blog, our team of 12 members explored Sadasiva Kona on 26.01.2012 and were overwhelmed by the nature….We reached foothill at about 9.30 am and parked our vehicles adjacent to the Sivan Temple – foot hill.. We started our trek after having our breakfast at about 10.00 am and reached the first falls by 12.00 and enjoyed the silver streak – falls. Then we did abhishegam with 10 different items to lord Sadashiva by ourselves..then we visited Goddess Raja Rajeshwari and Kamatchi Devi temples… We met a priest, who is now performing poojas here who happened to be from Sathuragiri.. he said prior to settling here he used to visit sadasivakona from Sathuragiri by walk. Sighting some divine presence he said that he has decided to stay at Sadasiva Kona permanently.

    He further asked us to plan for a night’s stay so that we could trek furhter to Lakshman Kona, Saraswathi Kona and Shiva Kona (the topmost peak at this location wherein Shiva Linga is present.)

    We took Thiruvallur – Tirupathi route which was decent.. Four lane work is in full swing…..and the right turn that we take from the highways after puthur to Sadasiva Kona (Sadahiva Kona hoarding) is a bit difficult to see because of road construction activities…..

    On the whole, your guidance and references from your blog helped us to reach Sadasiva Kona without which it would have been difficult for us to reach the destination.

    Thanks a bunch!

  7. GANTHI KUGAN J says:

    So, nice of you, excellent piece of work, the way you have narrated the whole episode is awesome.

    I visited this place in 2009, my next visit would be 21-mar-2012 – Ammavasai.

    We are planning for great pooja for our one and only god the Lord Shiva

    Those who are interested to join with us can write to me at


  8. Manikandan says:

    Hello friends any one can help how to reach sadasiva kona is it after Puttur bye pass to tirupathi Right turn or puttur to nagalapuram route i confused and sadasiva kona,kailash kona are same or different please tell me and me with friends 6 nos planned to visit 15.08.2012 help me my mobile number is 7708730841 and email is

    • aryam0403 says:

      I am giving you the route as provided by Mr. Gopinath. P

      On Chennai – Tirupathi road, cross Puttur, after 5km you will Taduku village on the Highway. slowdown go slowly about .75 kms u will this hoarding Sada Shiva Kona to ur right side. this spot is called Majjiga Gunta. take right turn from there to reach hills bottom.

  9. Sadasivam says:

    Why there was no description about raja rajeshwari temple near kamakshi amman temple ?

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